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The music band of Soch is one of its kinds comprising of exceptionally gifted and talented people. Though they are blind,


The concept of Vocational training & Self Sustain Project of EEWCDS-soch School for the blind makes the assumption that disabled develop capacities


Soch is running a matrimonial bureau exclusively for disabled to provide holistic support to them. The institute has also solemnized marriages


EEWCDS has a program of support schemes by which assistance can be rendered to the Institute.


ITRRODDD (Institute for Training Relief Rehabilitation Of Disabled Distressed & Disinherited children) &EEWCDS( Environment Education Women & Child Development Society) are two NGOs/ Voluntary organizations working for the cause of Disability, Women, Orphans & aged since 15 years at Visakhapatnam & Hyderabad respectively. Now both the NGOs jointly coming up with an innovative project to sustain N number of beneficiaries (Disabled, Women, and Orphans& Aged) under a Project title SOCH.SOCH is designed to focus on the issues on disability, women, orphans & aged people.

By bringing together two NGOs (ITRRODDD& EEWCDS) with the rich experience of 15 years in the areas of Disability, women, orphans & aged SOCH has aroused. By working together, ensures that efforts are not duplicated, reduces competition, allows organization to double the resources, create new resources & ideas that one would not have able to create alone. Both the NGOs (EEWCDS & ITRRODDD) jointly design& jointly make decision on activities.

SOCH has identified the areas where disabled, widowers & aged with no means of employment or any regular income to support them.Disabled students educated at SOCH school are employed at various places. While some have been lucky with employment, it is more an exception than a rule. In a country that is yet waking up to the reality of the disabled, many students face unemployment and have no means to survive until they can support themselves.

Taking a benevolent hand in the matter, These beneficiaries(disabled, widowers & Aged) are given a monthly ration so that they can support themselvesSOCH took a step in this direction to help them by providing with monthly ration(Rice, Dal, Oil,Salt,Soaps etc) On the first day of every month, more than two hundred Aged, Disabled & widowers from the neighborhood come & take monthly ration.

To qualify, an old person must be older than 65 years of age, with no dependents. We require a doctor's certificate of age and the local corporation's letter stating that they are a resident of a slum & for the disabled & widowers we require a disability certificate & income proof stating that they are below poverty line respectively. If you would like to donate the monthly rationas mentioned above or your old clothes, shoes, pots and pans or any usable item, please visit our office at Srinagar colony or visit us online @ for any monetary help.

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